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Quality and Environmental Management Policy

The General Management of the REFESA GROUP considers as two of the essential premises for the success the protection of the Environment and the Quality in its services of:


  • storage, transport and treatment of waste, and

  • purchase and sale of spare parts for used vehicles and machinery.


Achieving this goal requires, by all members and collaborators of the organization, the establishment and joint consolidation of a Quality and Environment System, in accordance with the requirements of the Standard ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015, based on the following aspects:


  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. It is the policy of the REFESA GROUP to offer services with a quality that satisfies the needs and expectations of customers, while ensuring the protection of the environment.


  • ENSURING THE ENVIRONMENT. Its priority is to ensure, during the provision of the service, respect for the environment; In order to achieve this goal, the General Management of the REFESA GROUP is committed to training all staff through training as well as eliminating, reducing or controlling the consumption of natural resources, the production of noise and atmospheric emissions, as well as any other significant environmental aspect derived from the company's activities.


  • MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP. The General Management assumes as its own the Quality and Environment Policy of the organization, promoting through the issuance and periodic review of the established objectives and goals.


  • COMPLIANCE WITH LEGISLATION . The General Management guarantees respect for and protection of the environment, as well as compliance with the legal and other requirements that the company subscribes to in environmental and quality matters that affect the development of the activity.


  • OPTIMIZATION OF PROCESSES AND RESOURCES to achieve quality services, with the greatest possible guarantees.


  • STAFF PARTICIPATION AND MOTIVATION. It is very important to have highly motivated staff, aware and aware of the importance of their work to achieve the goals of Quality and Environment of the organization.


  • DECISION MAKING BASED ON DATA AND OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE. The data of the System on which the decision-making is based are: Customer Complaints, Customer Satisfaction, Internal Audits, etc.


  • INNOVATION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT , based on the application of processes of monitoring, measurement, analysis and implementation of solutions.


The General Management declares that the Quality Management System and the Environment defined in the Manual and the applicable legislation and regulations are mandatory in all areas of the organization related to the Quality of the service and the environment.


The REFESA GROUP's commitment to Quality and the Environment does not end with obtaining certification, but maintains a permanent challenge of improvement, in order to obtain the total satisfaction of our customers and respect for our environment.


From the General Management, we are committed to ensuring that the REFESA GROUP's Quality Policy is understood, implemented, kept up to date by all the organisation's staff, and communicated to all customers, suppliers and interested parties, being published. on our websites and being available in our facilities available to everyone.

Sant Julià de Lòria, June 14, 2019.

On 13 April 2005, the Regulation on Private Waste Managers , applied to companies that carry out waste management, whether transport, storage or waste treatment, was published in the BOPA (No. 33, year 17). The collection, transport, export, recovery, storage, marketing, waste disposal and monitoring of these operations are considered management.


Ministerial Order of 26 February 2014 on the list of authorized private waste managers registered in the Register of Private Waste Managers in the categories of carriers, storage entities and treatment entities, as well as the type and code of the waste (according to the National Waste Catalog) that are authorized to manage.

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